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Headed up by Roy Kirkup O.L.S. as the current principal and Peter Feren O.L.S. as office manager, we provide a complete range of professional land surveying services from individual property surveys for home owners to large re-development projects for land developers and builders. Reliability, professional quality and cost-effectiveness are our hallmarks. Whether you are a property owner, a land developer, a government agency or a utility company in Ontario, Kirkup, Mascoe, Ure Surveying Ltd. has the professional staff and the experience for all your surveying requirements.

The firm of Kirkup, Mascoe, Ure Surveying Ltd. is the continuation of a longstanding firm established in 1912, with survey notes & records dating to 1866 including those of E. Gardiner O.L.S., R.N. Rutherford O.L.S., D.G. Ure OLS, R.J. Ure OLS and F.A. Ure O.L.S. Over the years the firm has made a significant impact on the planning & development of the City of St. Catharines and Niagara Region. The firm has always been active in the local & regional community with participation on local boards and committees over its 100 year history. Mr. Robert Ure (aged 86) is still actively involved in the company.

With the addition of new technology, combined with years of experience we are able to offer a wide range of services to our clientele. The addition of G.P.S. equipment, Robotic Total Stations & state of the art office software to improve project efficiencies & enhance our ability in the areas of large scale Construction, Legal, Topographic, Mapping, G.I.S and Integrated Surveys. We also offer urban & regional planning consultation.

Business Names from Time to Time

1912 to 1925 - F.N. Rutherford, Surveyor and Engineer

1925 to 1927 - Rutherford & Smith, Surveyors and Engineers

1927 to 1932 - Rutherford & Ure, Surveyors and Engineers

1932 to 1949 - Douglas G. Ure, Surveyor and Engineer

1949 to 1975 - Douglas G. Ure & Sons, Surveyors and Engineers

1975 to 2000 - Douglas G. Ure & Sons Inc.

2000 to present - Kirkup & Ure Surveying Ltd.

2015 to present - Kirkup, Mascoe, Ure Surveying Ltd.

Principals Over The Years

F.N. Rutherford, B.A. Sc. P.Eng., O.L.S.
C.T. Smith, B.A. Sc., P.Eng., O.L.S.
D.G. Ure, B.A. Sc., P.Eng., O.L.S.
R.J. Ure, B.A. Sc., P.Eng., O.L.S.
F.A. Ure, B.A. Sc.,P.Eng., O.L.S.
Roy S. Kirkup, B.Sc.,O.L.I.P., O.L.S.

Other surveyors who were employed with the firm prior to getting their O.L.S. commission:

J. Kisway, Eric Eichmanis
Bart Tompsett, William Porkolab
Tom Cahill, Stanley MacIntosh
K.T. Howe, Murray Chidley
C.J. Clarke, Richard Larocque
Peter Feren

Other professionals who worked for the firm:

Clifford Baker, P.Eng.
Edward Proctor, P.Eng. (Proctor & Redfern)
Roy Ataminak, Lawyer
Norm Macdonald, Architect

Scope of Work, Land Surveying Ontario

Municipal Surveys for St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, Smithville and Town of Niagara
Corporation Plans for St. Catharines, Beamsville, Township of Grantham and Port Dalhousie
Subdivision draft and final Registered Plans
Legal Surveys
Pipe Lines
Highway Widening Plans
Municipal Drains & Site Drainage Plans
Pre-Engineering & Topographic Surveys
Accident Surveys – Expert Witness testimony
Land Severance Plans & Planning Applications
Official Plan and By-law Amending Plans
Ontario Hydro – O.P.G., Niagara Tunnel Project

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